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Congratulatory Messages

from our directors, staff, customers and suppliers

Karl Burke

Managing Director | Beijer Ref NZ

To be part of such a historic achievement by a New Zealand company is such a privilege.

Patton’s 100 years of business is a huge credit to its brand, reputation and the people who have guided it through the years.

The way in which it has and is continuing to evolve through ownership and industry changes just demonstrates the core strength of the organisation and the strong support from all of its customers.

Congratulations Patton for 100 years of service to our industry.


Philip Hitchins

Vice President | Beijer Ref

To maintain the PATTON brand/presence for 100 years, is an extraordinary achievement.

Especially so in a small market in a small country open to lower cost competitor imports and global influences.

Achieved through innovation and understanding of the market, actioned by great people, past and present.

Congratulations PATTON, 100 years young.


Cameron Fearon

National Sales Manager | Patton Ltd.

Congratulations Patton on 100 years of service to our industry. Not many businesses make it to 100 years these days. I am very proud to be part of this.

And for Patton to reach 100 years is due not only to having an awesome team of employees but this achievement would not have been possible without our relationship with our customers and support from our suppliers.

Thank you all, well done Patton. 


Monique Sutherland

Human Resources Manager | Beijer Ref NZ

Congratulations to Patton and the team behind it who have made it the success it is today.  100 years is an incredible achievement, something that every single staff member who has been a part of the Patton team in the century of operation should feel very proud of.

Being new to Beijer Ref, I myself now have the honour of being part of such a wonderful company.  I am looking forward to my time with a company that values diversity, its people and has a culture to be proud of.

I wish Patton all the very best for the future, and I am excited to call Patton and Beijer Ref my family.


Andy Henderson

Branch Manager Wellington | Patton Ltd.

Congratulations to Patton and all employees on our 100th anniversary.

It has been a great honour and privilege to have been a part of this exciting journey with Patton for the past 26 years.

May we all continue to grow though these challenging times and I wish you all the best for a bright future.


Megan Dinsdale-Jones

Branch Manager Auckland | Patton Ltd.

100 years young – what an incredible achievement!

Congratulations to Patton and the great staff; past, present, and future.

I am honoured to be a part of what Patton is today as an innovative, diverse, and inclusive company who values their staff as much as they value their customers.

Here’s to the next 100 years, to be filled with exciting market opportunities, growth, talent, prosperity and best of all, laughter.


Alddon Mackay

Sales Engineer | Patton Ltd.

Congratulations to the whole Patton team and loyal Patton customers both past and present whose contributions make up the DNA of Patton. It is only by standing on the shoulders of giants are we able to see so far, and it is by looking forwards whilst still remembering where we have come from that has allowed Patton to become the industry powerhouse that it is today. The foundations are laid, the course is set, here's to another 100 years of leading the way!
One hundred years strong, one hundred percent Patton.


Harvey Win

Sales Engineer | Patton Ltd.

Congratulations Patton on reaching 100 years. People are what make a company, both staff & customers. I am happy to have been given the opportunity of being involved with all those people for 30 plus years. Let's hope the future will allow Patton's to be around for another 100 supporting our customers.


Nick Wilson

Branch Manager Tauranga | Patton Ltd.

Congratulations to all from past and present who have contributed to the success of Patton's longevity of 100 years.

I have been privileged to be a part of a great team for 6 years and have enjoyed being involved with the staff I have worked with and our great customers within the industry.

Happy 100 years Patton and long may it continue. 


Ken Graham

Distribution Manager | Beijer Ref NZ

Congratulations, Patton, on your 100-year anniversary and service to the industry. This is not an easy achievement even in the best of times.

What a great company with a very talented and knowledgeable staff. Mix this with a great range of products and Beijer Ref's governance and support, and it will be an exciting future.

Above all, a big thanks to the loyal and dedicated customers who have given support over this long journey, both in the ups and downs. A big thank you is very much appreciated by all. All the best on your anniversary, and keep up the good work.


Chandima Bandara

Group Financial Controller | Beijer Ref NZ

On behalf of the wider Beijer Ref Group,  I extend my warmest congratulations on reaching this historic milestone of 100 years in business. This is a remarkable achievement that very few organisations can claim. Over the past century, you have weathered countless challenges and overcome numerous obstacles, demonstrating your resilience and adaptability in the face of change. Your dedication to providing exceptional products and services, as well as your unwavering commitment to ethical business practices and community involvement, have earned you a reputation as a leader in your industry and a respected member of your community. As you celebrate this significant anniversary, please know that your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. You have set an inspiring example for other businesses to follow, and you have left an indelible mark on the world. We wish you continued success in the years to come and look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you in the future.


Stuart Meehan

E-Commerce Manager | Beijer Ref NZ

Congratulations Pattons on a 100 years of successful innovation and Kiwi knowhow have enabled Pattons to develop into great company it is today. 

There are so many great people that I have had the pleasure to work with and alongside  over may years , and of course the wonderful characters we call clients that have enabled Pattons to be the 
successful company it is today.

All the very best for the future as an 
important part of Beijer Ref and may Patton Ltd continue to embrace its great culture , diversity , and people.


Vanessa Adams

Executive Assistant | Beijer Ref NZ

Well done Patton on reaching your magical 100th! A century of growth and innovation with a market leading team in the refrigeration industry is a rare achievement, and it seems we’ve only just begun!

Exceptional leadership, loyal staff and a diverse culture are some of the core values on which we pride ourselves. Congratulations Patton, 100 years of service to our customers and backed by great employees.

It’s been a privilege to be part of history, thank you.


John McCarrey

National Sales Manager  | Beijer Ref AU

Congratulations to Patton on 100 years in business.

Having seen the Patton team at work for the last 15 years it is easy to see why they have lasted and continue to go from strength to strength every year.

They have always been able to produce innovative new products that could be relied upon no matter what conditions they were being put into.

100 years is a credit to the DNA of the place and the people working there today should be proud of the tradition they uphold.

All the best Patton for the next 100 years.   


Rob van Zoggel

National Sales Manager | Clima Solutions

Congratulations to the team at Patton on your 100th Anniversary.

What an incredible achievement to remain at the forefront of the industry for 100 years.

We are proud to now be a part of this team, and look forward to working with you all, to ensure the continuing success of this iconic NZ brand.

Happy 100th!!!


Dio Zhao

Marketing Manager | Beijer Ref NZ

The year 2023 marks a significant milestone for Patton.

As for me, it has been a privilege to work at Patton alongside with amazingly talented people for the past 10+ years.

I am so proud of our accomplishments and looking forward to continued success in the future.

Happy 100th Anniversary!

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